Apr 15

WordPress Hackers Exploit Username ‘Admin

Reprint from info week… http://mobile.informationweek.com/80266/show/2b786d18d68e7a3d48dc1b8327481252/? Posted on Monday Apr 15th at 10:41am Attention, WordPress users: If you have a WordPress username set to “admin,” change it immediately. That warning was issued Friday by WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg, in the wake … Continue reading

Mar 17

America has been saved again by TSA (Tasing Someone Anytime?) VIPR (Venerable Idiots Provoking Response)

Once again America has been saved with good use of our tax dollars. Barney fife would have been proud. Deputy dawg was proud once again as our F-Troop Keystone TSA VIPR squad rescues train of people in Chicago from a … Continue reading