Aug 08

35w bridge update: Govt operates in “Blitzkreig” like speed, Potential Flaw Is Found, 100 tons of gravel on the bridge?

WALD MINNEAPOLIS, Aug. 8 — Investigators have found what may be a design flaw in the bridge that collapsed here a week ago, in the steel parts that connect girders, raising safety concerns for other bridges around the country, federal officials said today….  If those who designed the bridge in 1964 miscalculated the loads and used metal parts that were too weak for the job, it would recast the national debate that has emerged since the collapse a week ago, about whether enough attention has been paid to maintenance, and raises the possibility that the bridge was structurally deficient from the day it opened.

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Aug 01

Our prayers go out as 35W just North of Washington Ave. bridge collapses in Minneapolis, MN

I was driving on 35W just south of the MPLS Downtown exit at 6:25pm the news broke with a story then emergency vehicles, fire trucks, state troopers, ambulances, then MNDOT & Construction vehicles darted in and out of massive rush hour traffic…. From href=“” Brian Turmail, a spokesman for the U.S. Department of Transportation, said the department is getting briefed on the collapse, but it was mainly being handed by local agencies.
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May 28

Memorial Day May 28, 2007 Events are planned but one is ironic I think.

Why we fight the war: Foolish mortal, the oil, the ‘allies’ in the house of Saud, stategic positioning, which will be replaced by a reformed Iraq in a few years, once Al Quaida is routed out of there and we get oil from them we can tackle the Sauidi problem if they don’t comply we’ll use their competitor or possibly mexico if we can get oil out of them….  Its about doing a duty, showing responsibility, and protecting the country so the rest of us can live our lives, and even disagree about this, preserving freedom, etc. These people like Pat Tillman who made the ultimate sacrifice need to be respected, saluted, and celebrated as TRUE American heroes with the ULTIMATE respect you can give as well as defending them verbally as I try to do.

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May 26

MN State Capital Rally June 16

CELEBRATE AMERICAN FLAG DAY Let Freedom Ring/March For America Sponsored by Minnesotans Seeking Immigration Reform June 16th, 2007 Minnesota State Capital 75 Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr Blvd St….  BRING YOUR AMERICAN FLAGS Join fellow Patriots and enjoy Speakers addressing illegal immigration, current legislation and future consequences Bring your family, friends and voices.

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