Dec 08

Genetic screening of newborns causes a fight over DNA and privacy at the Lege Minnesota Monitor:: Genetic screening of newborns causes a fight over DNA and privacy at the Lege

Minnesota Monitor:: Genetic screening of newborns causes a fight over DNA and privacy at the Lege : by: Anna Pratt Fri Apr 18, 2008 at 3:14:16 PM The Minnesota House of Representatives approved a bill on April 17 that exempts the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) from requiring parents’ written permission to do newborn genetic screening tests and to archive and study the blood samples later on. The Newborn Genetic Screening Bill is now headed to the Senate floor….  The way Thissen sees it, the legal change under the bill actually strengthens consent rules because it gives parents the choice to (a) opt out of the tests, (b) have the tests but request that the blood sample be destroyed within 24 months, or, (c) have the tests done and keep the blood on file, but opt out of any additional research.

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Aug 24

War on Terror boardgame branded criminal by police

Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!: Belfast Telegraph August 22, 2008 It may not be fun for all the family – well, not in the same way as Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit or Mousetrap, say….  (see the game here Following a series of raids on the climate change camp near Kingsnorth power station, officers displayed an array of supposed weapons snatched from demonstrators: knives, chisels, bolt cutters, a throwing star – and a copy of the satirical game, which lampoons Washington’s “war on terror”.

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Feb 12

DHS: Bombers may use ‘pregnancy prosthetics’ – Deep Background –

DHS: Bombers may use ‘pregnancy prosthetics’ – Deep Background – DHS Singles Out “Pregnant Women” As Likely Terrorists Follows on from call to watch out for “blonde haired, blue eyed, western-looking” Al-Qaeda members February 12th, 2008 The Department of Homeland Security has embarked on its latest bold move to eliminate terrorists from our midst and keep America safe, by advising law enforcement officials about a deadly new threat – pregnant women.  “The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is reminding law-enforcement officials of the increased use of female suicide bombers worldwide, and warning that women terrorists might hide explosives in devices “that mimic the look of a pregnant woman,” reports NBC News.

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Aug 05

Why do they need to spy on us? House Approves Wiretap Bill 227-183 vote

From the Sunday August 5, 2007 3:31 AM By CHARLES BABINGTON Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) – The House handed President Bush a victory Saturday, voting to expand the government’s abilities to eavesdrop without warrants on foreign suspects whose communications pass through the United States….  “This bill would grant the attorney general the ability to wiretap anybody, any place, any time without court review, without any checks and balances,” said Rep. Zoe Lofgren, D-Calif., during the debate preceding the vote.

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Jul 18

Dude, Where did my country go? Bush May Stage False Flag Events To Reinstate Draft, huh?

HOMELAND SECURITY PRESIDENTIAL DIRECTIVE/HSPD-20 National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive “Would a government that has lied us into two wars and is working to lie us into an attack on Iran shrink from staging ”terrorist“ attacks in order to remove opposition to its agenda?”…  Paul Joseph Watson / Prison Planet | July 17, 2007 Former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration Paul Craig Roberts has gone further than ever before, warning that the Bush administration could be about to stage false flag events and terror attacks in order to reinstate the draft, announce a dictatorship!!!

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