Jan 25

Man makes stand against govt. oppression because of Taxes.

Someone is pushing for freedom and making a stand for the US constitution that he knows, loves and understands, yet he is treated like a common criminal. Here’s Fox News take on, (the days of Fair and balanced are long gone I fear). He is exercising his 2nd Amendment rights while the govt. oppresses him.
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Jan 06

When did MNDOT: NASCO & NAITC unite?

http://www.dot.state.mn.us/ofrw/currentProj.html#tradecorridor MnDOT District 6 Intelligent Transportation System Planning Study and Deployment Plan 4.1 The North American International Trade Corridor The North American International Trade Corridor (NAITC) vision integrated electronic corridor to facilitate international trade, increase safety of commercial vehicle travel, … Continue reading