Feb 29

Why are we backing Muslim Kosovars? while they Behead Christian Serbs! Warning: Graphic Images!

to exist & their MichaelSavage.Com – from Home of The Savage Nation: KLA criminals with heads of Serb victims in their hands Picture 1: This photograph was seized from Saudi Arabian fighters captured in Crni Vrh near Teslic, Bosnia….  Picture 3: The severed heads of three Serbs (identified as Blagoje Blagojevic, Nenad Petkovic, and Brana Djuric) beheaded by Muslim fighters.

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Feb 23

KELOLAND.COM – Immigration Agents Investigate Morales

KELOLAND.COM – Immigration Agents Investigate Morales: 149 Posts Federal agents say Alianiss Morales had been living in Minnesota illegally, using a fake ID. She could eventually be deported, but not before she faces the vehicular homicide charges….  Tim Counts of U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement said, “We use fingerprints, we use photographs, we use databases, not only our databases but criminal databases from all other law enforcement agencies and perhaps the most effective tool is that we’re very skilled at interviewing and determining somebody’s legal status.”

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Feb 22

Barack Obama promises “security and prosperity in North America” (work with Mexico, immigration “reform”)

Barack Obama promises “security and prosperity in North America” (work with Mexico, immigration “reform”): Barack Obama promises “security and prosperity in North America” (work with Mexico, immigration “reform”) Yet another laundry list of promises is available in the article “I will repair our relationship with Mexico” (link), supposedly written by Barack Obama himself….  Calderon did meet with an Obama co-chair, and he may have avoided Washington because he needed the time to visit their outposts, or national politicians realized how damaging it would be to be seen with him, or he didn’t want to be too obvious.

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Feb 21

The Return of Arnold’s Nazi Belt Buckle

Arnold, the son of a high ranking officer in the Austrian Nazi Party, first made waves with the belt-buckle when he posed with Mayor Bloomberg on the cover of TIME (June 21, 2007)….  This is anything but the first time propaganda has pushed the image of Arnold as President– not only was a full-bore campaign launched to convince the subjects of the U.S. to “amend for Arnold” circa 2004, but the 2008 GOP debates featured at least two canned questions where candidates were asked to ‘look Arnold in the eye’ and tell whether or not they would change the Constitution to acquiesce to Arnold’s thirst for power (McCain and Huckabee didn’t seem to mind).

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Feb 19

Newsmax.com – Pawlenty Touted as McCain VP Choice

Article Font Size He remained John McCain’s staunch supporter throughout the his campaign’s darkest days when most observers believed the Arizona senator’s presidential hope were doomed, and now his name is being mentioned as McCain’s possible running mate…. Martin cites former Minnesota GOP Rep. Vin Weber, one of Pawlenty’s biggest boosters as ticking off the governor’s strong points as a Veep contender “First of all, his age (47) is attractive; second, he’s from outside Washington.
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Feb 18

The truth about Obama, If this is true its over. Barak leaves bad taste in Former supporters mouth…

drugs, had homo sex with Obama’ Minnesota man takes his case to court, YouTube, $100,000 polygraph challenge; a Minnesota man who claims he took cocaine in 1999 with the then-Illinois legislator and participated in homosexual acts with him….  read more | digg story Obama’s campaign also, for the third straight day, declined to respond to WND requests for comment on the report of a Minnesota man who alleges he shared cocaine with Obama when Obama was a state lawmaker in Illinois.

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