Dec 31

Domestic Torture via Radiation Weaponry: America’s Horrific Shame

When will we get off the kick that we are the worlds punishers and start leaving people alone – Joe6from Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!: Vic Livingston NowPublic December 30, 2008 The reality of domestic torture delivered by ideologically-driven, cold-hearted agents of government and their vigilante citizen operatives is finally gaining public exposure by way of first-hand accounts — including that of this correspondent, a mainstream journalist who who has been “community stalked” and tortured by means of silent, potentially deadly radiation weaponry for nearly five years.  In a matter of weeks, this correspondent believes, operatives who have been involved in the purposeful “dosing” of American citizens with various forms of pulsed radiation emitted from so-called “directed energy weapons” and devices will begin to come forward, confirming reports of what’s been euphemistically labeled as “electronic harassment” by victims of so-called “community stalking” or “gang stalking.”

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Dec 26

Fill ‘Er Up With Human Fat!? –

Related Stories * Blackstone Gets Into Clean Tech * What Clean Tech Is, And Isn’t * Buy Battered Clean Energy Stocks * Energizing The Energy Agenda * Don’t Forget About Solar Energy Related Videos * Light Christmas Eve Gains * Street Cheery on Xmas Eve * Wall Street Winds Down * Street Sheds Early Gains * Street Absorbs Weak Housing, GDP * Stories * Videos The investigations, however, might go nowhere: Bittner closed his practice, Beverly Hills Liposculpture, in November and moved to South America to do volunteer work at a clinic, according to a note on his Web site….  It is indeed a biohazard, and the human tissue is not b [Read More] Posted by dredzo | 12/25/08 10:49 AM EST Read All Comments (26) Comment On This Story Steve Forbes Intelligent Investing | Data | Knowledge | Insight | Wisdom Today On How To Be a Good Billionaire Susan Kitchens A conversation with the author of Philanthrocapitalism.

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Dec 25

The Greatest Gift for All by Paul Craig Roberts

The Greatest Gift for All by Paul Craig Roberts: The Greatest Gift for Allby Paul Craig Robertsby Paul Craig RobertsSave a link to this article and return to it at www.savethis.comSave a link to this article and return to it at Email a link to this articleEmail a link to this article Printer-friendly version of this articlePrinter-friendly version of this article View a list of the most popular articles on our siteView a list of the most popular articles on our site DIGG THISChristmas is a time of traditions….  Gift giving causes us to remember others and to take time from our harried lives to give them thought.The decorations and gifts of Christmas are one of our connections to a Christian culture that has held Western civilization together for 2,000 years.In our culture the individual counts.

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Dec 24

Obama & Biden To Protect Bush Administration Criminals Nuremberg trials also judged “a waste of time”

Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!: Paul Joseph WatsonPrison Monday, December 22, 2008 It’s par for the course for Obama and Biden, the men who promised “change” but in every step of their preparations for assuming office have pursued nothing but continuity, to acknowledge that they will protect criminals in the Bush administration from prosecution for authorizing torture, a complete violation of both the U.S. constitution and the Geneva Conventions….  (ARTICLE CONTINUES BELOW) Perhaps Göring, Ribbentrop and the rest of the Nazis prosecuted at Nuremberg for their war crimes were following the wrong line of defense when they claimed they were merely “following orders,” they should have just proclaimed that the world should be “looking forward not backwards” and according to the Biden/Obama view of justice, they would have got off scot free.

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Dec 23

General George S. Patton was assassinated to silence his criticism of allied war leaders claims new book – Telegraph

Although he had suffered serious injuries in a car crash in Manheim, he was thought to be recovering and was on the verge of flying home.But after a decade-long investigation, military historian Robert Wilcox claims that OSS head General “Wild Bill” Donovan ordered a highly decorated marksman called Douglas Bazata to silence Patton, who gloried in the nickname “Old Blood and Guts”.His book, “Target Patton”, contains interviews with Mr Bazata, who died in 1999, and extracts from his diaries, detailing how he staged the car crash by getting a troop truck to plough into Patton’s Cadillac and then shot the general with a low-velocity projectile, which broke his neck while his fellow passengers escaped without a scratch.Mr Bazata also suggested that when Patton began to recover from his injuries, US officials turned a blind eye as agents of the NKVD, the forerunner of the KGB, poisoned the general.Mr Wilcox told The Sunday Telegraph that when he spoke to Mr Bazata: “He was struggling with himself, all these killings he had done….  He earned four purple hearts, a Distinguished Service Cross and the French Croix de Guerre three times over for his efforts.After the war he became a celebrated artist who enjoyed the patronage of Princess Grace of Monaco and the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.He was friends with Salvador Dali, who painted a portrait of Bazata as Don Quixote.He ended his career as an aide to President Ronald Reagan’s Navy Secretary John Lehman, a member of the 9/11 Commission and adviser to John McCain’s presidential campaign.Mr Wilcox also tracked down and interviewed Stephen Skubik, an officer in the Counter-Intelligence Corps of the US Army, who said he learnt that Patton was on Stalin’s death list.

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Dec 17

NASA – A Giant Breach in Earth’s Magnetic Field

“When I tell my colleagues, most react with skepticism, as if I’m trying to convince them that the sun rises in the west.”Sign up for EXPRESS SCIENCE NEWS deliveryHere is why they can’t believe their ears: The solar wind presses against Earth’s magnetosphere almost directly above the equator where our planet’s magnetic field points north….  Conventional wisdom held that equatorial reconnection was more important, which is why the giant breaches were not anticipated until THEMIS flew through one.View a video version of this story.more stories about THEMIS:Magnetic Portals Connect Sun and Earth — Science@NASAPlasma Bullets Spark Northern Lights — Science@NASANASA Spacecraft Make New Discoveries about Northern Lights — Science@NASATHEMIS, short for Time History of Events and Macroscale Interactions during Substorms, is the fifth medium-class mission under NASA’s Explorer Program.

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Dec 10

Judicial Watch Statement: Blagojevich Arrest Shakes Obama Presidency to Its Core | Judicial Watch

Judicial Watch Statement: Blagojevich Arrest Shakes Obama Presidency to Its Core | Judicial Watch: Judicial Watch Statement: Blagojevich Arrest Shakes Obama Presidency to Its CoreContact:Press Office 202-646-5188Washington, DC — December 9, 2008Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton issued the following statement today in response to the arrest of Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich: “There has been an air of lawlessness around Governor Blagojevich for some time and Judicial Watch applauds U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald for his actions….  I’m assuming these wiretaps were on the Governor’s office phone, any cell phones, and his personal residence phone(s); and all those of Harris who was included in the charges.Who knew when Watergate first broke the newswires that President Nixon recorded all the telephone conversations he had in the Oval Office, except for some missing segments…….This will unravel President Obama’s Administration since organizations like Judicial Watch will not go away.The criminal complaint also includes references to Revko and even the Chicago Cubs and Tribune.Oh, and how coincidental can it get that on Monday 12/08/2008 (YESTERDAY !!!!), the Tribune declared Chapter 11.The mean spirited part is attacking Bank of America for cancelling a credit line, and now a small business is out of business and its employees are in a sit in. Then this Governor on Monday ordered all State business with Bank of America to CEASE !!!!Isn’t that Extortion?

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Dec 08

Genetic screening of newborns causes a fight over DNA and privacy at the Lege Minnesota Monitor:: Genetic screening of newborns causes a fight over DNA and privacy at the Lege

Minnesota Monitor:: Genetic screening of newborns causes a fight over DNA and privacy at the Lege : by: Anna Pratt Fri Apr 18, 2008 at 3:14:16 PM The Minnesota House of Representatives approved a bill on April 17 that exempts the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) from requiring parents’ written permission to do newborn genetic screening tests and to archive and study the blood samples later on. The Newborn Genetic Screening Bill is now headed to the Senate floor….  The way Thissen sees it, the legal change under the bill actually strengthens consent rules because it gives parents the choice to (a) opt out of the tests, (b) have the tests but request that the blood sample be destroyed within 24 months, or, (c) have the tests done and keep the blood on file, but opt out of any additional research.

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Dec 02

Pentagon hires British scientist to help build robot soldiers that ‘won’t commit war crimes’

– Joe6 Pentagon hires British scientist to help build robot soldiers that ‘won’t commit war crimes’: Tim Shipman London Telegraph Monday, Dec 01, 2008 The American military is planning to build robot soldiers that will not be able to commit war crimes like their human comrades in arms….  By 2010 the US will have invested $4 billion in a research programme into “autonomous systems”, the military jargon for robots, on the basis that they would not succumb to fear or the desire for vengeance that afflicts frontline soldiers.

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