Power power, who has the power?

We lost total power for about 48 hours but back up now, that was hell, the govt wants us to go 30 days!?

I was hoping that Excel energy would give us credit on our electric bill for lack of service, lost food, & other perishables  but I doubt that will occur.

I was just thinking how bad this will/would be when they tell not if but WHEN! a disaster will strike we have to be on our own without power for 30 days. If I was in the country I’d be starting fires to cook, power, and do other stuff but in the city you are SOOOO dependent on them!

Key Measures

Preparation time for federal disaster assistance requests.

The division’s goal is that all federal disaster assistance requests will be prepared and submitted to the

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) within 30 days of the event. This performance measure

serves as an indicator of the division’s responsiveness and timeliness in requesting federal aid following a

major emergency/disaster. The preparation of requests for federal disaster assistance is a complex process.

The more time that elapses between the conclusion of the disaster event and the submission of the request,

the less likely it is that the request will be approved. Furthermore, in time of disaster, it is imperative that

assistance be provided to disaster victims – whether they be individual citizens, local governments, state

agencies, private, nonprofit entities, or Indian tribes – as quickly as possible.

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