Home (in)security? Bizzarre behaviour

I was met at Saturday August 18th, 2007 about 6:00 pm by 2 slick dressed, with permed hair, 2 guys who had blue light weather jacket on with kahki shorts, white socks & white tennis shoes and short hair, with Badges around their necks with their pictures on them.  The main guy was kind of short & stocky the other guy was about the same height 5’8“ but thinner. They parked their dark greyish car, outside are yard. My wife thought it odd they showed up without a call or written letter from our security company. They pounded on the door while it was raining out. They said,”We’re here to upgrade your security system.“ with an accent almost southern like accent.  continued,”I see XXXX security system, (then looked at my security sign) I mean you have XXXXXXX.“ 

I thought that incredibly odd I said ,”what?“ I was tired and totally caught off guard.  He then held up a clip board with a detached security panel. He asked do you have one of these, since i had signs in my yard I said yes. He said I’m here to upgrade it, it needs to be done every 3-4 years or so. I said ok but not right now, its not a good time I had my little boy peeping out the door at them too.  He said,”i’m hear to fix it could we look at your existing panel?“ I told him,”no, do you have any identification or a card.“

Rather then showing me his ”badge“ he said well no I don’t have a card but I could go to my car and get my drivers license you can photocopy it or something.” The other guy said,“I have my  passport you could copy too.” I looked at them in disbelief and said ,“what country are you from, I only asked for a business card. As to show me where you’re working from.”  The second guy said wait I might have one in the car, so the 2nd guy got one from the car, and handed it to me. He again asked to come in and look at my system. I said,“ no thanks why don’t  i call you.” The stocky guy then said,“ok, do you promise to call?” I said,“ sure, goodbye, I got to go, see ya.” then I shut the door. They chatted for a couple of minutes outside my front door then left. Being I never recieved any calls or letters from my security company I thought this incredibly odd. That’s why I’m blogging on this one. Did anyone else have any similar experiences? a disturbing experience. The card he gave me said:

Andrew Grose | area Manager

Pinnacle Security: 1290 Sandhill Road Orem, Utah 84058

Office:801.437.1020 Fax:801.437.1030 Cell:801.455.8300

Email:agrose@pinnsec.com (http://pinnsec.com/www.workforpinnacle.com


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