TCRA Sept 25th Meeting!

Featured Speakers On the 2007 Legislative Session & Special Session:
Representative Tom Emmer, Deputy Minority Leader
Rep. Emmer lives in Delano and represents
District 19B. Tom is an attorney with a law
degree from William Mitchell College of Law. Rep.
Emmer is known as a leader for fiscal responsibility. In
response to the Democrat Tax Proposals in the 2007
legislative session, he stated, “Government cannot and
should not grow at a rate faster than the income and wages
of taxpayers.” He believed that with a $2 billion surplus it
was “time to focus on those resources rather than figuring
out ways to burden taxpayers to pay for wasteful
Drew Emmer, Publisher of The Wright County Republican
Drew Emmer is a conservative Republican,
Campaign Manager of his elder nephew
Rep. Tom Emmer, member of the Executive Committee of
the Wright County Republican BPOU and publisher of
The Wright County Republican blog. Drew started his
blog after becoming frustrated with the established media
in Minnesota and their lack of reporting items of interest to
conservatives. He believes the truth gets watered down
and political correctness has served to disconnect them
from their duty to cover the news.

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