Obama’s Gun-Free America [its mighty cold]

Our gun liberty is freezing up!
The great pay-back has begun, and it’s going to be ugly. –http://www.nagr.org/hr45survey1.aspx?pid=t2

The gun grabbers in Congress are paying back the anti-gun extremists who put them and Barack Obama in office.

Hi, this is Congressman Paul Broun from Georgia.  I wish I had better news, but you and I are facing an assault on our gun rights like we’ve never seen before.

You see, H.R. 45 is Barack Obama’s gun control package, and it includes the most vile anti-gun measures he’s supported over the years.

It’s only the first step…

…but it’s a HUGE step.

H.R. 45 establishes a NATIONAL gun registry database of every gun and
its owner — for the whole county! Your private information and every
gun you own would be in the system.

But that’s only if you succeed in buying a gun in the first place!

And since H.R. 45 dramatically increases requirements for
firearms purchases far beyond those ever proposed, you just might find
youself incapable of buying a firearm once this bill takes effect.

And it gets worse too.

National Association for Gun Rights has a survey ready for you to
complete, but I want you to understand just how dangerous this bill is
before I give you the link.  Please bear with me for a moment.

You see, H.R. 45 would establish a national gun registry database which would:
Increase requirements for firearms purchases, far beyond those ever proposed.
Create a national firearms registry overseen by the Federal Government.
Invoke Draconian penalties for bookkeeping errors related to the Federal Firearms Database.
It gets worse though.

Brady and her allies in Congress want to force you to take a written
exam to prove that you are “fit” to exercise your Constitutionally
protected right to keep and bear arms.

I’m outraged by this, and I know you are too.

Pay a gun tax of $25 or more on all firearm purchases.
H.R. 45 bans all private firearms sales and maximizes penalties for
minor clerical errors in dealing with the national gun registry.

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