MyFox Kansas City | Teacher Suspended For Releasing Obama Youth Video

I’m sorry I don’t like McCain but this is 100% wrong, it reminds me of the ‘hitler youth” vids I have seen, as vile as these are. This looks like a cross between the black panthers, hitler youth, and a perverse mickey mouse club. this is not right it looks like young minds are being manipulated and taken advantage for the “political machine”. this is just wrong. – Joe6

MyFox Kansas City | Teacher Suspended For Releasing Obama Youth Video:

Created: Monday, 06 Oct 2008, 3:45 PM CDT

They’re not old enough to vote, but a group of Kansas City middle school students pledging their political support is raising eyebrows.

A choreographed chant by a group of students at the Kansas City charter school Urban Community Leadership Academy has people talking ever since it showed up on the internet.

•See the YouTube video here

Some call it indoctrination and others say it encourages political involvement.

On a video posted on the internet, middle school students say Barack Obama has inspired them to succeed.

Conservative morning Chris Stigall saw the video on the Drudge Report.

“This is an indoctrination. It’s not a debate. It’s not discussing relevant issues. It’s not tit-for-tat,” Stigall, with 710 KCMO Radio, said.

Stigall said his disapproval isn’t because of Obama, but rather because where it took place.

“No public school could or should get away with such a thing,” Stigall said.

Stigall said on Monday morning that the school’s director called his show and acknowledged that the video was made on school grounds after class at a teacher sanctioned event.

At the Broadway Cafe, a midtowner said he wouldn’t mind the activity if it were organized by students.

“If it’s a teacher pulling them along, I think it’s not as sensible,” voter Tony Haynes said. “The teacher’s role is not to lead them in a particular direction, but give them a place to lead themselves.”

A Republican who supports Obama said while he didn’t see the video, he thinks it’s interesting these kids want to be involved.

“I went through the public school and when I was there no one cared about either candidate,” voter Christopher Slocum said.

But another voter said teachers should interest them in the issues on both sides.

“As a school based program, I don’t think that’s fair. I think all issues need to be presented,” voter Fern Mesa said.

The school’s director didn’t return our calls. According to FOX News, the school suspended the teacher in charge of the after school activity for insubordination after he posted the video online.

Leslie Carto, FOX 4 News

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