America has been saved again by TSA (Tasing Someone Anytime?) VIPR (Venerable Idiots Provoking Response)

Once again America has been saved with good use of our tax dollars. Barney fife would have been proud. Deputy dawg was proud once again as our F-Troop Keystone TSA VIPR squad rescues train of people in Chicago from a patient who had a “nuclear stress test” officer Tackleberry declined to comment only to say,”he wished he had missed the opportunity to detain and taser people on that train…” (Actually I made that up)
Get ready for strip searches and body cavity searches on trains…

Once the agent said the word “isotope,” Jones says he realized he was the one they were looking for. He raised his hand to say he had a nuclear stress test.

The tests can leave patients emitting radiation for some time. After showing identification and proof of the nuclear test, Jones and the other passengers were allowed to go on their way.

He says he’s satisfied with the way authorities acted, “knowing there are people on the lookout for this type of thing,” and was pleased with the way officers and passengers behaved.

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