Linda Slocum Raving lunatic Democrat HF 3022

MN Democrats have officially introduced their gun control bill and its much worse then previously thought

Rep Linda Slocum Finally introduced Gun bill HF3022 and its SOOO much worse then the original leak

-All your private data about CCW holders is now public. Your name, address, phone number….basically everything you put on your CCW permit is public and searchable online

-Forced gun registry, and that is all publicly available so everyone will know what guns you actually own

-Every single gun will be required to be licensed. These licenses you must apply for each time you want to purchase at your local PD regardless if you have a CCW. The local police chief gets to set the licensing rules and gets to deny them if they want.

-Prohibited person expansion – a whole new class of citizens will lose their 2A rights (this is not completely defined yet)

-Suppressors are illegal again and having posession of one is a felony

-People behind on child support must forfeit all firearms, and are not allowed to purchase any

-“Assault Weapons” ban. Any rifle that is semi auto is now classified as an assault weapon. NO grandfathering in “assault rifles” You must destroy them

-Anything over a 10 round magazine is banned, and owning one is a felony

-Must be 21 to purchase ANY firearm

-With the forced gun registry yearly inspections of your home, all firearms, and all firearm securing locations. Oh you dont get to show them where they are stored they get to dig through your house unimpeded for infractions – not complying is a class A felony

-Private Sales of all firearms Explicitly banned All sales must now go through a licensed FFL and the firearm must be registered

and theres more yet to come……this MUST BE STOPPED!!!!! CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVES

Edit. The bills text

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